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  • 05Apr

    Found a great post that describes a recent example of Japanese cop harassment on Let’s Japan.

    The victim was a British 25 year old with Pakistani roots who was blatantly harassed on the suspicion he had drugs. That individual was hauled down to the station but in the end the Jap cops found absolutely nothing.

    It took 5 Japanese cops to surround the guy as he stepped out of a ramen shop.

    Without reason suddenly being asked for your passport is very likely in Japan which is exactly what the Japanese cops did.

    “A female officer then requested that I show my passport. I gave her my gaijin card, and she read out that I was from England.”

    Generally after you show your passport that will be the end of it, if you have a legal right to be in the country. The fact Japanese cops are allowed to blatantly search and harass anyone they feel like is what’s amazing.

    What happens next is where things go beyond a typical run in with Jap cops as a foreigner.

    “The older officer tugged my bag and wanted to search it. I did not like being surrounded by police, and asked him if he had a search warrant in Japanese.”
    “The officer then went behind me and pulled off my bag, and started to empty it’s contents. They found some incense that I had purchased and rolling papers”

    This is where the trouble starts.

    The guy gets taken to the koban first then the larger police station in Shibuya.

    – He gets strip searched
    – He gets accused of taking drugs
    -He gets forced to give a urine sample
    -He has his incense taken away
    -He gets fingerprinted

    “At the end there was no apology of any sort, they said I should not buy incense that is not well known! The big shots went back to their PCs and laughed amongst themselves. I really wanted to get a hold of the police offenders that searched me in the first place, they were absolutely racist in the way they treated me, and quite proud of the fact too.”

    The last part really rings a bell. Japanese are one of the most racist, xenophobic cultures in the world. The legal behavior of cops is just a reflection of this. It’s a different kind of racism then what happens in the United States. It’s a racism that comes from being a closed off little island nation with a culture of people who have a serious inferiority complex, and a superiority complex at the same time. People who live in Japan will know what I mean. The superiority complex can be boiled down to we Japanese are good everything foreign is bad. The inferiority complex is reflected in how they view many things of European and American origin as better than what Japan can offer. Western men vs Japanese men might be a good example. us player casino online

    The blog post talks about how Amnesty International was contacted but it probably won’t make a difference. Every single Japanese especially the cops need to go to a foreign country and then need experience being targeted by the authorities for having small eyes or any other ridiculous reason or they will never get it.

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