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By Erik Rasmussen


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  • Nenna Says:

    this is so horrible, I am so sorry for her.. R.I.P :((

  • Melissa- Los Feliz CALIFORNIA Says:

    I feel so sad for Ayano and her parents. I pray that her parents find strength to deal with this sadness.

  • Me Says:

    The Canadian railing is not safe at all. I’ve been to the American side and their railing was designed to curve inward making it extremely hard for people to climb over. Her family should sue the Canadian authorities and force them to rebuild their railing.

  • Ernie Says:

    As far as I’m concerned, that bitch got her wish and it came true. It’s a very good reason to read the signs since it’s a matter of life and death.

  • JK Says:

    And what if “that bitch” was a family member, would you feel the same way? People get caught up in the moment and make poor decisions, does that make them bitches?

  • Kate Says:

    Sue Canadian authorities? Umm. Common sense is not so common. Who would think it was a good idea to climb over the rail? The signs clearly state Do Not climb over. And the giant waterfall is pretty intimidating!
    Bad judgment on her part. NOT the Canadian authorities!!

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