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By Erik Rasmussen


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  • 17May

    There are other ways to get a  OSX running on a dual boot MSI Wind Hackintosh. This is just how I got it to work. OSX is pretty cool Windows does suck.

    What You Will Need

    1) MSI Wind
    2) External USB DVD Drive
    3) MSIWindosx86.iso Image burnt to CD. Find the image on any torrent site.
    4) Windows XP Install Disc

    These are the steps I used to get the dual boot Hackintosh working.

    Step 1) Install Windows XP first. Using the Windows XP install Disc partition the hard drive in to two parts one for Windows and one for OSX. Install Windows XP normally.
    Step 2) Once Windows is installed successfully quick format the Mac partition as NTFS. The drive should show up when you go to My Computer

    Step 3) Install OSX. Boot from disc using the MSIWindosx86.iso image. Using the disc utility program erase and reformat the partition set up for your OSX install. Choose the Extended Journaled file system option and install the operating system. us player casino online

    Step 4) Boot from the MSIWindosx86.iso dvd again.
    Click “utilities”.
    Click “terminal”.
    Type fdisk -u /dev/disk0   – That’s disk zero the number not disk O

    Step 5) From now on the Darwin bootloader will load and if you don’t press anything OSX will load automatically. If you press a key then it will give you the option to choose your Windows partition or your OSX partition. That’s all there is to it.

    Step 6) Download the OSX 10.5.5 and OSX 10.5.6 Upgrade package from Apple’s site. Since upgrading works fine you may as well upgrade to 10.5.6. Run the upgrade packages you shouldn’t have any problems getting to 10.5.6

    Problems you will encounter after upgrading to 10.5.6.

    1) Keyboard and Touchpad will not be working. You need to google around for 2 PS2 related kexts. Run them and the keyboard and touch pad will start working fine. They will usually even include an app for running kexts. For this steps you will need a separate USB mouse and keyboard which everybody would have.
    2) The screen resolution will be wrong. Again google around for display kexts for upgrading to 10.5.6. They won’t be hard to find.  After you run the display kexts use the app DisplayConfigX to create the resolution 1024×600 at 60Hz resolution.
    3) The headphone/microphone jack will not work. There is a hack that exists but you are forced to run it every time to get it to work. If you have to have it working for Skype or something. Just boot windows.
    4) The built in camera will not work in Photo Booth there is currently no solution that I am aware of.
    5) How to get the wireless working? There are unofficial drivers released by Ralink specifically for people running OSX on a Wind. One thing to note is there are more than one version of drivers  for the multiple generations of winds that are out there some have 160 GB of hard drive space, and b/g/n wirelss and others may have just b/g wirelss. Google around to find them and try one or the other if it’s not working

    If you have any comments, suggestions or questions leave your comments about this post or email me at I’ll help if I can.

    Enjoy your Mac

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