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  • Family Guy Producer Alec Sulkin Calls Japan Quake Karma for Pearl Harbor Attack | Japan News Today Says:

    […] List this guy up with Paul Watson who wrote up some horrible poetry when the quake happened. Share and Enjoy: […]

  • Rick Shur Says:

    The Japanese silence on the atrocities committed against dolphins and whales was deafening. Mother Nature avenges cruelty to her flock. America, with its torture of animals on factory farms, should be bracing for a punishment that will make the Japanese quake, tsunami and nuclear accidents seem like a mild nuisance in comparison.

  • Josh Says:

    Rick, you asshole, show some respect. People died. People are MUCH more important than animals. How can you look at this tragedy and say they deserved it? Stupid PETA fucked up the minds of some impressionable youth to make them think animals are equal to humans.

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  • lynne Says:

    That is the problem with the world, ppl seem to grade life… Humans are more important than dolphins, whales, dogs etc… We all inhabit the earth and will be held accountable one day… In my book the dolphins, whales and dogs seem to be doing pretty well in their accountability, what about humans… Greedy little disrespectful fuckers that’s what we areab

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  • Tom Says:

    This message loses all credibility because of the word “Jap”. Come on, everyone who likes dolphins but also ever knew a Japanese person and liked them reads this and goes, MEH…
    I don’t like the slaughter of dolphins, it’s condescending and homocentric. Neither do I like Sea Shepard, etc. They are condescending, euro-centric, and above all WORKS AGAINST THE CAUSE.
    Stop being self righteous and fight for the middle ground. If you want to make change, you don’t do so by preaching to the choir.

  • Bob Says:

    Come on guys, he’s said many times that people who think it was kharma are blatant idiots. Just do a little research.

  • iTEEBHAGGA Says:

    i thought it was godzilla’s revenge

  • ANGEL Says:

    Japan has to change its ways. Harming mammals of is killing mother nature’s beings. How many dolphins and whales were slaughtered for the sake of their so called scientific research? How many whales were separated from their families? Those who did not kill whales but ate its meat also played a role. Japan must learn to respect the lower creatures inferior to humans. America has suffered many tornados and floods why, ask Mother Nature. Australia has suffered heavy floods and bush fires why, the ill-treatment of sheep for wool and pigs. The list can go on. If you love a cat and dog, an elephant and call them intelligent what makes steers tortured before slaughter an animal that cant feel, hear or see like cats and dogs. Be kind to animals, treat them well many have given milk, cheese, butter and food to humans. Japan when you slaughter and intelligent whale think of the karma on you and your family.

  • Sea Shepherd Eco Terrorist Paul Watson Praises Death Causing Typhoon to hit Japan | Japan News Today Says:

    […] behaviour is a theme for Watson as his response to the March 11th earthquake in Japan was to write bad poetry. At the same time the Sea Shepherd organization has made misleading claims about assisting the […]

  • Cove Guardians Go Home Facebook Page | Japan News Today Says:

    […] Paul Watson writes bad poetry in response to March 11 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. […]

  • Lia Says:

    How was he implying in any way, shape, or form that this is “gods revenge”?? He is simply describing, in the form of a poem, the tsunami. Captain Watson might have issues with the Japanese government and the whalers, but he would never wish pain on innocent people and to suggest that he would is misinformed and biased. If you knew the first thing about Sea Shepherd you would know they take action to insure their crew and the whalers are not harmed. There is no record of them intentionally harming an individual whaler. And of course Paul Watson is in no way religious. He doesn’t believe in god and openly says he believes all religion to be ridiculous.

  • Video of Disgusting Comments from the Eco-Terrorist Sea Shepherd Twitter Community | Japan News Today Says:

    […] Paul Watson Declares March 11th, 2011 earthquake divine punishment. […]

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