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By Erik Rasmussen


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  • john649 Says:

    Please, Please let them go!!! Do not keep them in tiny cages for human entertainment.

  • Milady Froggy Says:

    This is so sad … this poor dolphin wanting to escape an awful life …

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  • Dolphin At Japanese Aquarium Attempts Escape, or Suicide? | Global Animal Says:

    […] leaped from its tank in a Japanese aquarium during a performance in a dramatic escape attempt, Japan News Today […]

  • Madhumathy Says:

    I am not surprised that the dolphin tried to escape from the concrete prison. Death surely is sweeter than living that kind of life. It is so wrong to capture them and put them in those small tanks for their entire life! Leah Lemieux’s book ‘Rekindling the Waters – The truth about swimming with the dolphins, would leave the readers in no doubt why such an incident happened here today. Surely we can find other ways to entertain ourselves than subjecting the dolphins to a lifetime of misery for just few minutes of ‘pleasure’ if once can call it that.

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  • courtney Says:

    this is so sad….they deserve to be free in the ocean where they belong….we can look at them there if we really wanna see them but they shouldnt be locked up just so people can stare at them all day and so stupid butholes can make money off of them

  • Antonio Says:

    I have seen various videos of this kind of phenomena, and discovered some seriously misinformed, thoughtless and blasé commentary as adjunct to the video, or by newscasters seemingly surprised, offfended or outraged by a poor enslaved animal sending the message that they cannot take it or “enough!”. Businesses of all kinds (and not the least the larger “corporados” l put humans in the same circumstance and condition of doing mindless and repetitive tasks. (Do check out the film “Food. Inc., where the humans are as abused as the chickens, pigd and beef that they process.) The treatment of what we call animals reflect our own very humanity. I am sorry for the maimed or deceased trainers, but I can hardly blame the killer whales for getting their own point of view across, they come from millions of years of freedom, while amusement parks want to work them to death, and then acquire another to start the slavery all over. Never mind the “nice pools” or plenty of fish to eat, animals deserve respect as well, which means dont’ corral them for profit and amusement like that. You do not have to be a member of PEDA to appreciate that.

  • Captured Taiji Dolphin Sara Dies After Jumping Out of Tank in Nagoya Japan | Japan News Today Says:

    […] Dolphin Tries to Escape Captivity […]

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