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  • 13May

    Eco-terrorist Paul Watson leader of the reality tv group Sea Shepherd has been arrested in Germany and will be extradited to Costa Rica for attempted murder. The eco-terrorist attempted to kill the crew members of the Costa Rican ship Varadero during an incident in 2002 and fled before he could be arrested for his crimes. The German police said that the warrant for Paul Watson’s arrest was in response to an incident between ships in Costa Rica, during the filming of Sharkwater in 2002.

    According to the Costa Rica Star a bizarre situation unfolded near Isla del Coco, in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, back in 2002. Watson and his reality tv group was invited by Elizabeth Odio Benito, who was Minister of the Environment at the time, to come and join the fight against shark fin poachers.

    Watson arrived on the Farley Mowat, a vessel named after a Canadian naturalist and rammed a Costa Rican boat suspected of illegal shark fishing. This happened near the territorial waters of Guatemala, and Watson claims that he was instructed by Guatemalan authorities to detain the Tico fishermen which he did. After his act of terrorism and subsequent towing of the boat, Guatemalan authorities told Watson on radio that he would be arrested for his conduct in the high seas, so he instead released the Tico boat and fled to Costa Rica to avoid arrest as a criminal.

    According to a 2002 article in The San Francisco Chronicle, the Tico fishermen claimed that Watson’s Sea Shepherd crew attacked them when they were adrift and engaged in mechanical repairs. The Farley Mowat’s ship’s log confirms the crew attacked the Varadero with water hoses and a flare gun after the Varadero attempted to flee. They then rammed the Varadero. “They made up this wild fantasy that we attacked them and threatened their lives,”  said Watson. Watson’s account of the events are unconfirmed and difficult to believe.

    Once Watson arrived in Puntarenas, it took time before the local prosecutor ordered a ship arrest while an investigation was conducted. The Farley Mowat was freed on a bond of $850, and Watson’s attorney advised him to flee like a criminal which he did.

    A Guatemalan coast guard official, who asked not to be identified, said he received information that Sea Shepherd members had attacked the boat and had no legal right to intervene in Guatemala’s territorial waters. The Varadero fishermen denied that they had been hunting sharks. They said they had mechanical problems and had drifted into the “no take” zone, where they were rammed and attacked by water hoses and explosives. The authorities in Costa Rica later filed a charge of attempted murder against Watson and Canadian photographer and movie director, Rob Stewart.

    As former member Pete Bethune has confirmed Sea Shepherd is dishonest and morally bankrupt. As a result nothing they say can be believed as it is usually an exaggeration designed to solicit publicity or a straight out lie. As is standard operating procedure look for Sea Shepherd to muddy the waters of what really happened and the truth will become irrelevant as generating publicity becomes the main goal. Western media typically regurgitate Sea Shepherd’s one sided accounts without a critical eye.

    The need for donation generating publicity has lead to the publicity stunts of this group to become more extreme with time. It is not surprising this group has attempted murder in the past, and they are very likely to cause somebody’s death in the future. Let us hope the accused murderer Paul Watson and the actions of his reality tv group are stopped before somebody does die. For many years now the drive for publicity while sacrificing honesty, and the use of violence has discredited any cause this group professes to stand for. Watson constantly behaves as if he is above the law disrupting people’s lives through violence, in this case he has been proven wrong.



    The great flaw in the environmental movement is the sanctimonious belligerence of so many of its protagonists, the lies and exaggerations, and the assumption that they are above the law and can disrupt and destroy the businesses of other people who are operating lawfully.

    2) Video of Disgusting Comments from the Eco-Terrorist Sea Shepherd Twitter Community.

    3) Paul Watson Declares March 11th, 2011 earthquake divine punishment.

    The sick poem by Paul Watson who values animal life above human life.

    4) Anti-Whaling Groups Display “Open Prejudice” Towards Japanese


    5) Bethune: Sea Shepherd is Dishonest & Morally Bankrupt

    From the Japan Probe Website:

    New Zealander Pete Bethune has quit Sea Shepherd after finally realizing that the radical animal rights organization is incredibly dishonest, immoral, and stupid:

    Pete Bethune has blasted Sea Shepherd and its leader Paul Watson, describing them as ‘dishonest’ and ‘morally bankrupt’.

    Pete Bethune resigned from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in an open letter on his Facebook page today; he says he can no longer represent a group that deliberately misleads and lies.
    “It’s gradually dawned on me how bad they are, every month there’s another big lie floating around,” he wrote.


    Bethune now says he was directed by Sea Shepherd admiral Paul Watson to deliberately sink the Ady Gil after it was hit by the Japanese ship.

    “It was done for PR purposes and after the sinking I wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone about it and I wasn’t even allowed to visit Ady Gil,” he says.

    “This is Ady Gil’s boat and I’ve got to keep it a secret from him.”

    Sea Shepherd expelled Bethune during his trial in Japan but later retracted their comments saying they had done so to help his case. Bethune says that too is lies.

    “And it didn’t assist my trial at all; the lawyer said it portrayed me as dishonest,” he says.
    Bethune says senior Sea Shepherd personnel routinely lie and conspire over serious matters and his resignation letter points out many of these.

    The New Zealand Herald has a Bethune vs. Sea Shepherd counterclaim list:


    * The Ady Gil sank while being towed to port after a collision with the Shonan Maru No 2.
    * Bethune broke Sea Shepherd’s non-violence policy by bringing a bow and arrow on board the Ady Gil.
    * Bethune’s initial expulsion from Sea Shepherd during his Japanese trial was a ploy to encourage a more lenient sentence.
    * Bethune’s false testimony to Japanese authorities reportedly led to the issue of an arrest warrant for Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson and his addition to Interpol’s “Blue List”.
    * Sea Shepherd supported Bethune as an anti-whaling activist but wished to “quietly” dissociate itself from him.

    * He was asked by Sea Shepherd to scuttle his boat after the collision.
    * He was given permission to take the bow and arrow on board, then criticised by Sea Shepherd when arrows were found by the Japanese.
    * His expulsion from Sea Shepherd hurt his case in court.
    * His testimony followed legal instruction.
    * He still “loved” Sea Shepherd but felt the organisation was too dishonest for him to stay.


    6) The Sea Shepherd Business Model

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